Armed with a passion to improve the golf training aid industry, Stuart Small a PGA Coach for over two decades founded GForce Golf with a clear vision.

"To develop the best golf training aids in the world, with the ability to hit balls providing the user with instant feedback"

As an experienced coach, I recognised golfers found it increasingly difficult to apply what they were been taught into their swing. There are certain elements of the swing that cannot be taught because it is down the player to feel it. Coordination of the arms and body, Rhythm, Tempo, Transition & sequencing are the key traits we see with the worlds best players, yet it is very difficult to learn and teach.

My vision is for all levels of golfer to self teach through a unique product capable of providing the user with instant feedback from the flight of the ball and the feeling of the swing. This would make practice sessions more productive allowing for the learning curves to be slashed in comparison to modern training aids and teaching methods.

This inspired me to develop a range of uniquely designed training aids using materials & technologies not normally associated with golf equipment. I wanted to create a new level of training aid to allow users to gain instant feedback from the performance of their swing and educate the user to develop better coordination, swing tempo & rhythm but more importantly nurture sound swing mechanics. 

Our golf training aids are designed to help all levels of golfers; from beginner to advanced, to improve the mechanics of their golf swing and intuitively develop their best possible swing with 100% efficiency. GForce swing trainers allow the user to self teach based on the feeling of the swing and the direction of the ball flight.

The GForce Swing Trainer range consists of a 7 Iron & 54 Degree Wedge with other products in development. 

Founder Stuart Small on stage with Mark Crossfield at the London Golf Show 2016 launching GForce Golf.