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Physics & Mechanics Explained


“Our coaching, training aids and the golf swing work around the science of a pendulum and rotation”

"Trust The Science"


Pendulums are so predictable they have exceptional Rhythm, Tempo & Timing, imagine if you could apply this to your golf swing and be more predictable with your shots?? After all that’s why pendulums are used to keep the time!! You can understand where good rhythm, tempo and timing comes from now!!

“A pendulum is a heavy weight suspended from a fixed pivot point so that it can swing freely”

Your arms and club are the heavy weight and the pivot point is the centre of your chest now you just need to learn to rotate your hips and shoulders correctly to get the arms and club swinging freely. If you don't rotate your hips and shoulders out of the way on the back swing and down swing it will disrupt the pendulum motion causing your arms to wrap around your body AKA Chicken Wing!!! Turn out of the way of the pendulum so it can swing freely and predictable!!!! Like a clock!!

To execute a good golf swing you need a fixed pivot point which is a central point on which an object turns, so in the golf swing this point will be your chest and your wrists will also pivot. The key is to rotate your hips & shoulders freely around this point into your back swing & down swing, allowing your body rotation to accelerate the arms & club like a human pendulum. At the top of the back swing (fig 3) & beginning of the downswing (fig 4) the change of direction loads the shaft causing the club head to lag behind the hands.

It makes sense if you are hitting a stationary ball to move in this way as you will be using Centrifugal Force to generate the power in your golf swing and square the club face on impact. Good rotation is required to generate Centrifugal Force just like a hammer thrower in field athletics, Centrifugal Force will be pulling on the club head creating tension the shaft (fig 5) consistently squaring the clubface on impact. You can see it in the picture below, look at the flex in the shaft at the start of the swing compared to impact!!

This is the science behind how The GForce Swing Trainer works!! If you can use Centrifugal Force to create tension in the flexible shaft the clubhead will effortlessly accelerate on a predictable path always returning back to the same position consistently, if you allow it to!! Don't try and overpower or fight your friend Centrifugal Force or the laws of the universe as you will never succeed, At GForce Golf our training aids help you to feel and harness the forces.

"You Can't Argue With Science"