GForce Golf

GForce 7 Iron - In Stock

191 reviews
  • GForce Swing Trainer 7 Iron
  • GForce Swing Trainer 7 Iron
  • GForce 7 Iron - In Stock
  • GForce 7 Iron - In Stock
  • GForce 7 Iron - In Stock
  • GForce 7 Iron - In Stock
  • GForce 7 Iron - In Stock
  • GForce 7 Iron - In Stock

GForce Golf

GForce 7 Iron - In Stock

191 reviews

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Voted GolfWRX Top Training Aid 

Super Flexible Shaft Hittable Swing Trainers 

  • Head Weight Standard - 275g
  • GFORCE Flexible Training Shaft Weight - 112g
  • Grip Weight & Size - 100g / Midsize
  • Length - Men's Standard
  • Total Weight - 487g

GForce Swing Trainers are the perfect solution if you want to build consistent Rhythm, Tempo & Timing in your golf swing without all the destructive swing thoughts. The flexible GFORCE shaft increases club head awareness and instinctively forces you to quickly adapt to making smoother changes in swing direction back and through, improving Rhythm, Tempo, Timing, Transition, Release, Sequencing, Speed and coordination of the arms and body. 

Check Out The Real Customer Reviews On, and many more on Google Search :-)

GForce Swing Trainers help you identify faults in your swing with feedback from the ball flight and feeling through the shaft, so you can quickly adapt and correct yourself after following the simple Steps 1-5 Training Videos, setup and swing drills with Founder Stuart Small using the 7 iron including 3D analysis breakdown of Rory McIlroy's swing blueprint. 

Understand how the GFORCE Shaft Works and how to practice effectively by switching between clubs for best results. Why you will miss to the right first, and how to go about correcting it for a powerful consistent efficient swing. 

WARNING But it won’t do all this for Free or in a couple of range sessions..! that is why you need commit and follow the Steps 1-5 Training Videos, setup and swing drills for 30 days to work on improving your understanding of the swing and technique first...! There aren’t any training aids that work if your technique and understanding of the swing is poor from conflicting information and false promises from other golf companies. Improve your understanding and technique first, then using a swing training aid can make a dramatic difference, especially with a clear concept of the golf swing in your head, which you will find in the Steps 1-5 Videos.

This Is What You Get...

✔️ High Quality Swing Trainer developed by Stuart Small 

✔️ GFORCE Flexible Training Shaft 

✔️ Standard Weight Head

✔️ Standard Length 37"

✔️ Midsize Grip - Cannot be re-griped, contact for replacements  

✔️ 1st Class PGA Training & Education 

✔️ 3D Swing Blue Print of Rory McIlroy, Steps 1-5 Videos

✔️ Ongoing Educational 3D Analysis Videos using Gears Golf

✔️ Weekly Training Videos, including tour players Vs amateurs comparisons using 3D

✔️ Stuarts Blog Library 

✔️ 24/7 Email Support – Need help just click the Blue Messenger, Stuart replies personally within 12-24 hours 

✔️ 28 Years Experience working in the golf industry

✔️ GForce Golf Established Business Since 2016

✔️ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Click Here To See Your Trusted PGA Coaches recommending GForce Swing Trainers for coaching. Rotary Swing, Revolution Golf, Chris Ryan, Jake Hutt, Russell Heritage, James Robinson, Shaun Clement and many more coaches and players choosing GForce for more productive practice sessions.

You are not just buying a Swing Trainer, you are getting GForce Golf Founder Stuart Small to help you every step of the way with the best Education and Training Tools available, and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee...

How Would You Like To...

✔️ Build Consistent Rhythm & Tempo

✔️ Perfectly Time The Transition

✔️ Eliminate Destructive Swing Thoughts

✔️ Stop Casting 

✔️ Prevent The Yips

✔️ Increase Club Head Awareness

✔️ Shallow Your Downswing 

✔️ Improve Release

✔️ Maintain and Increase Lag

✔️ Improve Ball Striking

✔️ Improve Ball Control & Distances 

✔️ Develop A Smooth Effortless Powerful Swing

✔️ Stop Rushing The Back Swing & Transition 

✔️ Stop Swinging Over The Top

✔️ Increase Club Head Speed

✔️ Improve Consistency 

✔️ Strike The Ball Solid 

All of this is possible if you commit to follow the simple swing Blueprint in Steps 1-5 Training Videos and follow the ongoing video releases every Monday on The GForce Golf YouTube channel, with or without a GForce Swing Trainer, but they do help with the timing of the swing which is essential for efficiency, consistency and eliminating destructive swing thoughts. 

Founder Stuart Small is focused on educating golfers on improving swing technique with simple easy to understand accurate information, that is why he has invested heavily in his own development over the years and continues to do so with the recent investment of Gears 3D analysis software

GForce Golf is focused on being the only golf company in the world that is transparent, we focus on providing the best training tools and education for golfers to make a real difference to your swing. - All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2020

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Netherlands Netherlands
First experience with iron 7

After hitting 20 balls for the first time after purchase , I was able to shoot reasonably straight. However the second time on the driving range I was again struggling. Definitely a long-term project to get this right.

Australia Australia

Certainly a new approach and it seems to work

United States United States
Exceptional Service

Great experience on the front end. It was a birthday present from myself... so I can actually open something that excites me. Can't wait to try out. I will report back w pros&cons on the back end.

Australia Australia
Gforce 7 iron

The training aid is great - it gives immediate feedback for my practice.

William D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Curiosity trial

Was keen to give the 7-iron a go & see if I could hit it. Took around 20 balls to get consistent ball flight. Didn’t actively try to compensate & focused on keeping things smooth. Thought this would be harder & hoped I might need to work on something specific to progress. Think this is a great aid for calibration if you’re looking for consistency. Mis-hits are exaggerated so keeps you focused. Good quality club & no loss of distance.

France France
Seven iron and wedge

Hello Stuart, Great products - no lying to yourself about how great your swing is as these products give you instant feedback as soon as you start swinging. I especially like the feeling of lag and release that you feel when you get it right. 100% recommendable for anyone looking to work on and improve their golf swing.

United States United States
Great Aid

I have the Whippy Tempomaster and the yellow whip stick, this is much better because the club weighs the same as a normal club and this just the right amount of give to impart the proper sensations. I use it with the step in drill to transform my transition, which had gotten very quick and too rotary from some questionable lessons. Thanks Stuart!

Steven T.
Australia Australia

It was exactly as I thought it would be! Great for feels, making sure that you deliver the club properly at impact.

Canada Canada
Tempo training aids

Very perfect to buy for the tempo before playing

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Really improved my timing

It's been a couple of years since I purchased the G Force training aids and to be honest I didn't get on too well with them initially. In the last week or so I have made the time to really learn how to use them effectively and I think I've watched all of the videos on YouTube. Just wanted to say they are starting to transform my ball striking and wish I had stuck with it back in 2019, first round today after I started back using them and 12 shots better than my previous round. I'm really focusing on weight transfer during the back swing and transition and trying to get my weight onto my lead side, that alone has made a big difference. Need the confidence to 'unload' the club when on the course but hopefully it'll come. The feeling of pulling down with the driver has been the biggest difference, I was pull hooking drives before but the weight shift and pulling down of the club has turned this into a draw with my miss being a slight push.

mike M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
PGA Professional

Excellent training aid both for personal practice and tuition

David C.
Australia Australia
G-Force 7 Iron

Excellent tool for Tempo especially if you think that you get a bit quick through transition, was able to hit straight shots quicker than I expected. Great product and I would highly recommend this for anyone trying to improve their game.

Luxembourg Luxembourg
Great product

I bought the 7 iron it’s a Brilliant training aid which now gives my practice sessions a whole new meaning . You also get great support and super you tube videos that really help. I’ll probably go for the driver shaft next. Kudos Stuart

Ryan N.
United States United States
GForce 7 Iron: Game Changing Training Aid!

I just received the Gforce 7 Iron today, took it to the indoor range, and it was absolutely brilliant. I am a 9.5 handicap golfer with a lot of flexibility, so I struggle with the transition having such a long swing. When my timing is on, I stripe it; when my timing is off, people should head indoors. In just 30 minutes of practice, using the Gforce and switching back to my 7 Iron as recommended in your video, I am more consistent, hitting further, and smashing high draws. Can't wait to see what happens on the course! I will keep the GForce in my bag at all times and continue to train daily. Thank you, Stuart, for such a simple, effective product that really WORKS. I will recommend to all my golf buddies. Best wishes and thanks again! -Ryan

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Experience using G Force trainer

Very good. I had a lesson at the club and showed it to the pro. I was half expecting him to laugh at me for wasting my money, but he couldn't wait to get his hands on it and have a go. Annoyingly he hit it dead straight right from the off! It has really helped slow my swing down. I will use as part of my range sessions from now on.

Nelson C.
I Love This Club!

It is a pure joy to swing this club! After trying virtually every training aid on the market over the past 30 years of playing golf, I finally feel like I know what a true, effortless, correct golf swing should feel like. Kudos my friend, you have a winner! I am recommending it to all my golf friends.