GForce Golf

GForce Wedge - Sold Out - Pre-Order For November Delivery

62 reviews
  • GForce Swing Trainer Wedge
  • GForce Swing Trainer Wedge
  • GForce Wedge - Sold Out - Pre-Order For November Delivery
  • GForce Wedge - Sold Out - Pre-Order For November Delivery
  • GForce Wedge - Sold Out - Pre-Order For November Delivery
  • GForce Wedge - Sold Out - Pre-Order For November Delivery
  • GForce Wedge - Sold Out - Pre-Order For November Delivery

GForce Golf

GForce Wedge - Sold Out - Pre-Order For November Delivery

62 reviews

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  • Head Weight Standard - 300g
  • GFORCE Flexible Training Shaft Weight - 109g
  • Grip Weight & Size - 100g / Midsize
  • Length - Men's Standard
  • Total Weight - 509g

Not just for short shots, you can go flat out full swing with the awesome GForce Shaft..

Do you struggle with the Yips and Distance Control..? If so you are dominating the swing with your hands and arms...This Decelerates the clubhead and destroys your chances of making solid contact resulting in inconsistent distance control, direction and the dreaded double hits..!

The GForce Swing Trainer wedge forces you to quickly adapt from a destructive hands and arms motion to Rotating your body creating the correct pendulum swinging action of the arms and clubhead, improving your Rhythm, Tempo & Transition...

Rushing the handle back or through overloads the flexible shaft making contact difficult forcing you to instinctively adapt to a Smoother Action to prevent the shaft from overloading...

With 54 degrees loft and 10 degrees bounce you can work on full shots, pitching, chipping, bunkers and open the face for lob shots...

Also works great as a pre round warm up tool with or without balls to get your Rhythm and Tempo dialled in...



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Stephen C.
Canada Canada
Happy Customer…

Updated my 20 year plus Medicus 7 iron with the GForce 7 iron and wedge. Feel much more comfortable hitting golf balls with the GForce club vs. my ancient Medicus club with the mechanical hinge. It only takes a few swings to get my timing/tempo back in check when my swing goes south. Also picked up a lefty GForce club for my son. Stuart’s customer service is excellent and shipping was super fast!!

Martin N.
Germany Germany
wonderful trainig for rythm and speed

my wife and I play the short course with the # 7 iron, wedge and putter. We are learning very much about swing speed and rhythm and it helps to later play with your own clubs, whether it's a full, half shot, bunker shot or chip through to putting.

Marianne M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
G force wedge

I found it difficult at first to use however, after cutting swing to half swings I began feeling slower rhythm, and when I move up to my own wedge I hit it so much easier and better Looking forward to lots more practice from chipping and bunkers.

United States United States
Swing trainer

Service was fast received the trainer in 4 days and it was well built. I have only used it a few times so far but I definitely feel it has helped my chipping. I do recommend this product.

Austria Austria
Outstanding of the best training tools on the market !!

Neil R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Very good. It’s obvious from the videos that Stuart knows what he is talking about when it comes to golf. If you don’t get the sequencing right with this trainer . You can not hit the ball correctly. In effect it forces you to swing the club . I wish I’d had this many years ago . Go and get now you won’t regret it.

Colin L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great help with Pitching

I first tried the Gforce wedge in a lesson with Dan Grieve to help with my pitching tempo and to stop me dragging the handle but to release properly. So easy to get the feel of how you should pitch with the Gforce wedge!

Christopher R.
United States United States
Great way to regain touch

Excellent tool to help you regain rhythm and tempo required for good chipping. Slows you down and reminds you to let the club do the work. Highly recommend!

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Wedge swing trainer

The aid teaches how a swing should feel that no lesson has ever done ,once I learned to hit the ball perfect with the aid that just transfers to my actual clubs

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Absolutely Brilliant

I have had this wedge for 2 weeks now & I can already feel the difference in my swing & tempo. I struggle with chips/pitches either fatting or thinning. With this trainer it has given me confidence to swing through the ball & not have as much anxiety when over a shot. Highly recommended

Rod S.
Canada Canada
Best Swing Trainer I have ever used

Bought the 7 Iron and wedge. Could not be happier. Both are helping to improve my tempo, timing and release. Highly recommend

Alan C.
Ireland Ireland
This training aid won’t end up gathering dust

I recently bought the GForce driver and after using it for a day or so I realised how good a trading aid it is to “feel” the correct swing and tempo. It gives instant feed back and really helps me. I tend to get fast hands at the top of my back swing but you can’t hit the ball like this with this aid. I’ve been working on getting over to my lead side and this has helped almost immediately. I can’t recommend this enough. If you’re serious about your golf and building a swing that will most likely prevent back ache, this is what you need.

Gill G.
United States United States
GForce Wedge

Your wedge training aid is great to establish tempo and swing sequence...Use it before hitting balls on range or playing..

Brett M.
Australia Australia
Great Product

Early days yet but the GForce trainers are already having a positive effect on my swing tempo. Not a short term fix but a product that will have a lasting positive improvement on your game

Scanlon A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Training wedge

Excellent Swing training aid. This club reminds me to rotate when chipping with the right swing speed. It’s something I will use for life no matter how good I get with my chipping. Very good to use just before a competition to get the right tempo and motion. Everyone should have one of these in the bag

Michiel D.
Netherlands Netherlands
Great practice club

The gforce wedge fixed my chipping yips! Tempo rhythm is much better now. Good video instructions on the website and youtube!