Do not transfer your weight!! Part 2

One of the best ways to learn the golf swing is to use an analogy which is closely related to the golf swing movement. Here are some common ones currently used. 

Skimming a stone, baseball swing, throwing, baseball pitch, quarterback throwing a football etc.

Although these are good examples of movement and show the weight moving from the back foot to the front foot (which i don't agree with for the golf swing) what you need to take into account is that in golf you are swinging a heavy object which increases in weight when you swing it and you have to keep hold of it throughout the swing. This will dramatically affect what happens with your body weight throughout the swing which should move in the opposite direction to the swing, front to back. The movements above don't have a wind up like a golf swing so require a weight shift and strength to get some speed up!! And not everybody has these physical capabilities. Imaging trying to throw a shot put as far as a discuss thrower if both objects weighed the same??

Better analogy's to use would be a lumberjack chopping a tree, a hammer thrower and a discus thrower in field athletics. These examples are more realistic to the golf swing because the involve a heavy object just like the golf club and they are rotary actions just like the golf swing. At stand still the hammer is the heaviest 7.3kg followed by the axe at 3kg and then the discus at 1.6kg, when accelerated the weight increases so the more you need to counterbalance with your body!! So the discus is the lightest and most comparable to the golf club weight with a smaller counterbalance required as you can see in the picture, followed by the axe and then the hammer which is the heaviest.

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" Sir Isaac Newton, the lumberjack, hammer & discus thrower move their body in the opposite direction to the swing to use Centripetal & Centrifugal force. The heavier the object becomes the more they have to counterbalance their body to achieve maximum acceleration!!

I believe if you shift your weight forward enough on your backswing to get the low point in front of the ball you wont need any lateral movement on the downswing because your weight is on the front foot already!! all you do now is fire the hips and as the club swings forward your weight will move back a little bit helping the hips clear counterbalancing and using Centripetal & Centrifugal force to create speed, propelling your arms and club and squaring the clubface at the same time!! The momentum from the swing will then pull you back onto your front foot to finish the swing. I'm not saying your low point moves behind the ball because you will fat or thin it, but if you get it far enough in front of the ball to start with it wont be too long before you figure out and feel the perfect position. This is a more predictable way to swing as apposed to shifting weight from right to left. I see amateurs shifting to the right and staying there on the downswing fatting and thining the ball and i see good players shifting to the right and sliding to the left to try and get back to the ball, quite often getting to far ahead of the ball leading to overuse of the hands at impact and bad backs!!

Shifting weight from the back foot to front foot requires a lot of strength to get the club moving but the strike can be very inconsistent. Where as moving the weight to the front and then allowing it to naturally move back a little when your body counterbalances is more efficient and easier on the body as physics is on your side!! You can see Jacks weight moving forward in the backswing and back a little in the downswing counterbalancing as his arms propel through before finishing on the left side. Still swinging well at 76 years old because his movement is so efficient and he is not fighting against the laws of motion!

I fell into the trap of shifting my weight onto my right side whilst keeping my right knee flexed resisting my hip turn as we were all told to do in the 90s!! Now i have rediscovered my swing from my days of quality ball striking doing the complete opposite ;-)

Don't try it once and go back to your old swing give it a good go!!

Good Luck! :-)