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GForce Golf

"Empower Your Golf Swing With GForce Swing Trainers"



GForce Swing Trainers help the user develop rhythm & tempo which is the foundation of the swing. Feeling the transition has never been easier to learn with the flexible shaft, just wait & feel for the shaft to load up at the top of the back swing and then start the down swing for the perfect transition. 

Used by renowned coach Pete Cowen it has enabled players to develop better swing mechanics through the feeling of the swing and flight of the ball, helping the user to eliminate any manipulations & compensations for a more efficient swing.


Take a look at YouTube's most viewed golf coach Shawn Clements review

 GForce Launch with founder Stuart Small @ The London Golf Show 2016 

At GForce we are committed to educating our followers to understand how the golf swing works by providing you with the best instruction and training aids. We defy the over complicated coaching methods and unproven theories by anchoring our coaching and range of golf swing trainers on the fundamentals of science allowing learning curves to be slashed in comparison to modern training aids and teaching methods. Our Coaching and products are based on the laws of physics & mechanics.