Pro golfer at a golf course swinging a gforce swing trainer 7 iron during the backswing Pro golfer at a golf course swinging a gforce swing trainer 7 iron during the backswing


Award winning golf swing trainers. Fix your Swing Path, Transition, Rhythm, Tempo & Timing. Hit balls flat out & turn swing thoughts into feelings. USGA legal & standard weight. Trusted on tour since 2016...

Awarded Best Swing Trainer 2024

#1 Mistake Every Golfer Makes...

Sequencing your golf swing is the key to swinging effortlessly and pain free. Tour players harness the natural forces of the swing, amateur golfers overpower and force the club through with inconsistent contact, distance and direction.

The GForce Swing Trainer powered by its Super Flexible Shaft will quickly train you to Transition and Sequence your swing and provide instant feedback from the ball flight and feeling through the whippy shaft.

gforce swing trainer

What results can I expect?

Every golfers swing is unique including the tour players, but there are key 8 elements that set the best ball strikers and players apart.

The GForce Swing Trainers are designed to develop your swing in all of these areas. Get access your Online PGA Training guiding you through how to use your swing trainer effectively on these key areas...

  1. Swing Path
  2. Transition
  3. Sequencing
  4. Release
  5. Timing
  6. Tempo
  7. Rhythm
  8. Speed


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new horizin image represenenting the newest GForce next generation swing trainers new horizin image represenenting the newest GForce next generation swing trainers
The strongest, flexible golf shaft in the world...
Trusted On PGA Tour Since 2016...
Re-Designed and Re-engineered, now with the same weight, balance, feel, looks and performance just like any top brand golf club. It feels just like your regular golf club for quicker and easier calibration and transfer of swing feelings from training to playing, and its USGA approved* for practice or play. Competitors are much heavier and will create issues with your timing when switching back to your regular clubs. Learn more in the FAQ's.

Enhanced Shaft Loading & Unloading

The feedback you get from the Super Flexible Shaft will allow you to quickly and instinctively detect swing faults that would be hidden from a normal golf shaft which you can easily manipulate.

You can't manipulate the GForce Swing Trainer.

A poor Transition and Sequence is the downfall for most amateur golfers, rushing the swing with the GForce Swing Trainer results in poor strikes and causes the clubhead to get left behind resulting in shots flying 70 yards to the right.!

Loading the shaft with a perfectly timed Transition is the key which will put you on plane, then perfect sequencing will allow the head to catch up, unloading the shaft delivering the clubface square with exceptional speed and a pure strike.

how to perfect your golf swing with diagram process demonstrating moves from takeaway, backswing, transition, downsiwng, impact and release in the golf swing
PGA tour coach pete cowen with rory mcilroy at the golf course during a golf training session using the Gforce swing trainer
PGA Tour Coach

Pete Cowen

"Getting the GForce Swing Trainer into the delivery position correctly is the key to it's use! The correct loading and unloading of the GForce shaft makes it easy to understand what's required! Since Rory started using GForce he is playing more consistently and with more control in his ball flight"   

Pro golfer at a golf course swinging a gforce swing trainer 7 iron during the backswing

PGA Training & Support

From tee to green we've got you covered by building an extensive library of training videos covering all aspects of the game using the GForce Swing Trainers.

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Training Videos
stuart small pga

GForce Founder & Inventor

"You can't teach a golfer feel, but the GForce Swing Trainer can"

"As a PGA coach since 2000 I quickly found there are certain elements of the golf swing that are difficult to teach, because the golf swing is learnt through feel, that's why I invented the GForce Swing Trainer, launching at the London Golf Show in 2016.

The Super Flexible Shaft gives you instant feedback if your Rhythm, Tempo, Timing, Transition and Release are out, plus you can hit balls with it flat out allowing you to correct hidden faults on your own, without the need of a golf coach"