Training Videos

Start here and work through the videos below so you can understand how the GForce Swing Trainers work and how they can help you develop your swing to its fullest potential. They have many benefits for all levels of golfer such as Rhythm, Tempo, Timing, Transition, Release and Sequencing giving you instant feedback from the Super Flexible shaft and ball flight.

Here is a must watch quick start guide.

Here is a Troubleshooting Guide which will answer most of your questions, if you have any other questions, please get in touch

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Series 1 

This series of videos cover more detailed instruction using the GForce Swing Trainers for developing every area of your golf swing.

Series 2

This series of videos using the Driver, 7 Iron, Wedge and Putter is taken using Gears 3D motion capture, the 3D avatar gives you a better visualisation on how the body moves and how to use the swing trainers. It includes a trouble shooting guide and top 5 drills.

7 Iron Training


Wedge Training


Driver Training


Putter Training