1. What's the difference between NXT-GEN and the earlier GFORCE models?

The shaft which is now lighter to previous versions, now weighing the same as a normal golf shaft, so the whole club is perfectly weighted like a normal club, all club heads are standard weight just like previous models, and the shaft is exactly the same flex as previous models, giving you the valuable instant feedback and easier to switch learned feelings back over to your normal club, also the grooves and face in the 7 iron, wedge and putter are CNC milled and conform to the rules of golf and are USGA / R&A standard. 

(*7 Iron, Wedge, Putter & Driver Shaft are conforming to the rules of golf) 

NXT-GEN models are lighter than earlier heavier GFORCE models to closely match the weight of the latest premium golf clubs, for improved feel. No other swing trainer in the world is this advanced for hitting balls with, its like a regular premium golf club fitted with a Super Flexible Shaft for feedback on your swing. 


  1. I've seen similar training aids, how is this different?

GFORCE is the ORIGINAL hittable swing training aid, trusted on tour since 2016, with 5* Reviews and now with the development of NXT-GEN models, there is nothing that comes close to it in quality, weight, feel or performance.

Other training aids on the market are not USGA approved and are much HEAVIER. NXT-GEN was designed to be the same weight and feel as standard golf club, so it's much easier for you to transfer the learnings from your training club to your normal playing club. With anything heavier it would be like learning two entirely different swings and cause more swing issues. 

A Copycat of a GFORCE model is almost 50% heavier than the equivalent GFORCE 7 iron and more than 60% heavier than the GFORCE training Wedge, so it would be much harder to transfer any learnings to your regular club. Switching back to your regular club would be like swinging a pool noodle causing your arms to swing too fast which would be a disaster.


  1. International Shipping & Import Duty Questions

We have stock warehoused in the following countries so you will not have to pay any import duty or tax in the USA, UK, EUROPE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, other countries not listed you will have to pay.  

We provide FREE shipping in the UK & USA and FREE shipping to other countries within our shipping zone with any bundle deal, if they are listed within our shipping zone as indicated in shipping options at checkout. 

We can ship to anywhere in the world, If you do not see your country listed in the shipping option at checkout please get in touch with stuart@gforcegolf.com and I will advise of custom shipping rates OR try Amazon.com


  1. Is GFORCE the training aid used by Rory McIlroy?

YES - Top tour coach Pete Cowen and his team at the Pete Cowen Golf Academy, coach the finest tour players, helping them to find their winning 'delivery' position in the golf swing and use all the GFORCE swing trainers in practice sessions with the players to achieve it.

Pete is coach to Champion Rory McIlroy as well as being part of many others success such as Graeme McDowell, Louis Oosthuizen, Sergio García, Darren Clarke, Henrik Stenson, Gary Woodland, Brooks Koepka former world leader Lee Westwood and many others.

The evidence is here...

Wulf Golf Video of Rory in Action with GForce Rory with GForce

PGA Tour Equipment Report June 21 Winning secrets of Rory McIlroy

Golf WRX forum June 21 What's In Rory's Bag 2021 

Golf.com Training Aids Used at US Open

Mikes 3D Life Rory McIlroy WITB


  1. What can I expect to benefit from using a GFORCE Training Aid?

The short answer is that it will make learning and progressing golf easier, you will make swing improvements quicker and spend less time and money spent on lessons PLUS you don’t even need to leave the home to practice! Customers reviews have shown improving driving distances by 20+ yards, being more accurate and consistent in their shots, dropping handicaps and lowering scores!

You will learn through DOING and FEEL  - learning your true swing will become instinctive and fun! 

GFORCE will help you improve every element of your golf swing so that you will be confident enough to play at any course. You will create consistently powerful golf swings, more solid centred strikes and better control to the greens and lower your scores. The GFORCE will remove 'game robbing' swing thoughts and replace them with 'feelings,"

The secret is the flexible GForce shaft - it warns you when you are swinging out of tempo, rhythm and when your transition is too quick. It reprimands you with "jerkiness" when you rush the club head and helps you smooth the transition down and through for the perfect golf swing

Feedback from the shaft will tell you when its right or wrong. So you can learn to find your ideal swing rhythm and tempo in a few swings, fine tune the sequencing in your downswing and sense when its right to time the transition, resulting in a powerful delivery position which creates club head speed and solid centred strike with little effort so you get more distance and more greens  

The GFORCE shaft lets you know if you are doing it wrong by over flexing at points and feeling Jerky and unbalanced throughout the swing. Also the ball flight gives you valuable feedback and the troubleshooting videos will help you out there. 

Don't just take our work for it....Read the fantastic 5* customer REVIEWS on how golfers have improved tempo, rhythm, timing, transition and release.....and how they have improved their golf swing and dropping scores since using GFORCE swing trainer.

You'll Wish You Got One Years Ago!


  1. Is there a left handed version?.

Yes we supply Left handed in the 7 Iron and Wedge.

The Driver shaft and Putter is suitable for both left and right handed. 


  1. Can I hit golf balls with GFORCE?

Yes its a normal golf club like any other top quality brand, the USGA Grooves mean you can legally use the 7 Iron, Wedge, Putter and Driver Shaft, they conform to the rules of golf approved by the USGA & R&A.


  1. How often do should I use it?

The more you practice, the better you will get- that’s a fact!

You can use your GFORCE Training aid and access the free training videos on You Tube > HERE whenever and wherever you want. Practice at home at the range and on the course. For the best results we recommend you watch our free training videos and practice some swing drills using your GFORCE Swing Trainer for 15 minutes daily


  1. Can I replace the grip with my preferred grip?

The grip is custom made for the GForce shaft, so a normal grip won't fit. Replacement grips are available when you need to replace it - so just get in touch stuart@gforcegolf.com


  1. Which GForce Swing Trainer should I start with first?

It depends on the area of game you are looking to improve first as each swing trainer is designed to help a specific area of your golf game from putting, short game, mid game and driving.

If you are fairly new to golf or not sure where to start to improve your golf game, I recommend starting with the GForce 7 iron swing trainer to develop swing path, tempo and rhythm and correct sequencing. Your iron play makes up the biggest chunk of your golf game so the GForce Swing Trainer 7 iron is perfect to use to you can get good at golf 


  1. What is your refund/ return policy?

Money Back Guarantee & Returns 

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee to return unwanted items in New or Used condition. If 60 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable and we recommend using a tracking service. 

Refunds are instant when we have the item in hand, so no waiting in frustration to get your money back :-) 

To make a return just get in touch with your order number or name on the order to stuart@gforcegolf.com 


  1. What discounts are available on GForce Swing Trainer Products

We offer 20% off bundle discount on any additional items you purchase.

To access the discount when you add to cart select the cheapest product first and you will be provided with options to add other GForce swing trainers with 20% discount off.

Disclaimer: Bundle Discount is Not valid with any other offers or discount codes.  

Discount codes may not be combined with any other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions.

We also offer own use discount for PGA, Please contact stuart@gforcegolf.com for more details.


  1. Who can I contact if I need more help?

Please email stuart@gforcegolf.com OR click the blue message icon on the webpage which appears on the right-hand side and submit your query.

I aim to respond to you within 12 hours :-) Stuart