gforce swing trainer putter club face which is  black and chunky showing grooves and gforce logo
GForce putter club and the gforce putter head cover with gforce swing trainer logo inscription
Gforce swing trainer putting arc
Gforce putter swing trainer showing view underneath of clubface with gforce writing
GForce putter swing trainer head cover
gforce putter clubface at different angles
gforce putter putting arc and guide supplied with every gforce putter to help you start you ball on line
gforce putter swing trainer contents of each purcharse includes swing trainer, putting arc, putting guide, bag, golf ball marker
gforce putter swing trainer showing the shaft flex bending


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  • Standard Length 35" Inch
  • USGA conforming
  • Pistol grip
  • Includes Training Series
  • Worldwide Shipping

The GForce Putter & Putting Gate has everything you need to improve your putting skills. The Super Flexible Shaft helps you find the putter sweet spot & putt on target more consistently lowering your scores. And its double sided for left and right hand players.

"the strongest most flexible golf shaft in the world, trusted on PGA tour since 2016"

Quickly detect swing flaws and iron them out eliminating destructive swing thoughts and turn them into feelings. Release the putter head like a pro and learn to start your ball on line every time, develop perfect tempo and rhythm for improved distance control and naturally develop a solid centered strike so you can hole more putts.


Comes with training series. 

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90% of golfers make this mistake...

Golfers typically have quick, jerky actions and snatchy transitions from backswing to downswing causing inconsistent contact and results, leading to poor distance control, start line and lost shots around the green. The GForce Putter Swing Trainer won't allow you to make these killer mistakes.

Fitted with a Super Flexible Shaft, it forces you to smooth out and slow down your transition allowing the clubhead to catch up and make the perfect strike and release every time, so you can then transfer those feels back over to your regular Putter.

gforce putter clubface at different angles

The Solution

Beautifully designed with it's unique top line Arc Indicator, the GForce Putter will transform your stroke guiding you to swing on a 13 degree arc improving your start line.

Fitted with the GForce Super Flexible shaft, it will quickly force you to swing with perfect Rhythm and Tempo giving you more precision to strike the ball solid out the center of the face improving your distance control...


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trusted on pga tour by players and coaches including Pete cowen and rory mcilroy...

11 reasons why you need a GForce Putter.

  1. Gives instant feedback from ball roll & shaft.
  2. Builds a solid 13 degree arc.
  3. Eliminates the putting yips.
  4. Perfects the transition & release.
  5. Improves start line.
  6. Develops consistent distance control.
  7. Strike the ball solid with more precision.
  8. USGA conforming to the rules of golf.
  9. Double sided for left and right hand.
  10. Comes with training system and PGA support.
  11. Trusted & used on the PGA tour.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t absolutely love it, just send it back, and we’ll give you a full refund...There is zero risk on your part! Check out the terms in the link below and contact us with any questions.