How GForce Works in Your Golf Swing!!

How GForce Works in Your Golf Swing!!

There is one thing you cant teach a student and that is feel!! you can give lectures on the golf swing and go through positions but then it is down to the student to feel it. After 20 years coaching the game i came up with the idea to invent a training aid based on the Physics of the golf swing that would also teach feel and so the GForce Swing Trainer was born!!

GForce is a measurement of acceleration felt as weight just like what James Bond 007 felt in the centrifuge in the film Moonraker, that is GForce in action!!

So what is a Centrifuge and how does it apply to the golf swing??

A Centrifuge is a piece of equipment that puts an object in rotation around a fixed axis, basically it spins in a circle applying a very strong force outwards called centrifugal force!!!

The swing trainer features a light weight flexible shaft so if you rotate your hips and shoulders around a fixed axis (your chest) Centrifugal force will pull on the club head creating tension in the shaft. This will automatically square the club face on impact leading to longer and straighter shots!


Get on side with the laws of the universe and improve your golf swing dramatically!!


Good Luck ;-)