Why The GForce Swing Trainer??

Flexible shaft swing trainers have been around for years now some have club heads just like The GForce Swing Trainer so you can hit balls with it and others are just weighted swing trainers with a heavy ball on the end, but you can't hit balls with these.

One day I was giving a lesson with a flexible weighted swing trainer and videoed my student using it. Previously he had the common problems of the every day golfer casting from the top and chicken winging through the ball, no power and very inconsistent. 

But what I saw on the video was a very different swing with the swing trainer. He did not cast from the top of the swing but instead held the wrist angle until just before impact and no chicken wing to be seen, ball striking and consistency was restored! ;-)

So after that I just thought I would develop my own swing trainer that you can hit balls with and The GForce Swing Trainer was born!

Not only has it improved my students swing but it has helped me restore my own swing from my best playing experiences. It is very easy to get lost with all of the swing methods available today so find your natural golf swing with The GForce Swing Trainer!!