Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan one of the greatest players in the history of the game demonstrates the perfect mechanics to use The GForce Swing Trainer. The golf swing is a circle, you need to feel the handle of the club going around your body low and left through impact, not down the target line or to the right, away from your body! Your hands should stay quiet and the centrifugal force generated from your body rotation will square up the clubface! It's not your job to square up the clubface! so don't interfere with it if you want to have your ball on a string hitting fairways and taking the flag out!!

Now you understand this is how your golf swing should work and there is a training aid that will help you feel it, who knows the possibilities?? Wouldn't you like to swing like Hogan & feel what Hogan felt in his swing?? it can transform you game whatever your level, it could be whats needed to gain you tour card or to just start enjoying the game again and getting your handicap down.

The GForce Swing Trainer with its unique flexible shaft will only work if you swing in a circle!! If you swing down the target line the ball will go to the right, this is why your golf is inconsistent.

Start with half swings using the swing trainer, feel the handle of the club staying close and going around your body low and left through impact and the clubface will square up! Its all to do with the Physics & Mechanics which i will explain shortly. When you have mastered the half swing build up to a fuller swing, if it starts to go wrong shorten the swing and build up again. Just give it time there is no short cut! You will be rewarded in time if you work with it, its like anything in life you work hard at!