What is Swing Tempo??


Swing Tempo

How is it some days your swing feels great and other days you cannot quite figure out whats wrong and something doesn't quite feel right??
Do you ever work on your swing tempo?? If not you are missing one of the most important fundamentals and quite possibly the missing link you have been searching for!! Tempo might not be one of the most talked about things to practice, but it certainly is one of the most overlooked major keys to improving your game!! One of the challenging things about working on your tempo is that there is no right answer that applies to all players. Unlike some of the mechanics in the swing which can apply to any golfer tempo is a personal thing!! Tempo is how fast or slow your golf swing is and everybody is different, some are fast and aggressive, while others are slow and smooth. The best way to describe good tempo is having a rhythm in your swing that feels natural. What matters is your tempo is even throughout your swing and it stays the same from shot to shot.

Research proves that all tour players have a consistent 3:1 tempo ratio which means the backswing will take three times longer than the downswing & consistent tempo is what separates the pros from the amateurs. Tempo is a personal thing, everyone has a built in tempo or your inner clock. It depends on your pace of life down to the way you walk and talk, so you will either have a fast tempo like Nick Price or a slower tempo like Ernie Els. The GForce Swing Trainer is the perfect training aid to help you find & feel your natural tempo. If you force a tempo that isn't true to you, your swing will never feel like your own. You cannot fight your inner clock its like trying to be somebody you are not, find your natural tempo and start improving today!!

Good Luck