The Key Fundamental For The Golf Swing!!!!

The Pivot in the golf swing is the key fundamental required for a good consistent swing and to use the GForce Swing Trainer effectively. A Pivot point is a central point on which an object turns. Your chest is the central point of your swing and you should freely rotate your hips and shoulders around this point allowing your body to accelerate your arms and club like a human pendulum. Don't try and accelerate the club with your arms!!! wait until you are about halfway into your downswing before you apply any force with your arms!!

A good analogy is pushing a kid on a swing, you wait for the swing to change direction and just before it reaches the bottom of the arc you push to speed it up, this is how good players swing, if you push too early from the top the chain looses tension and shakes around violently, this is how amateurs swing. So you need to wait for gravity and momentum to do its job and give it a boost towards the bottom of the swing arc, this is how your golf swing works.

Good rotation will create a force called Centrifugal Force, just like the Waltzers at a fairground ride which spin freely while rotating around a central point. You can feel the Centrifugal Force pinning you back in your seat!! This relates perfectly to how your golf swing works. If you rotate freely around your chest while keeping your arms and body relaxed you will create Centrifugal Force. This force will be pulling on the clubhead, shaft and your arms just like a hammer thrower in field athletics.

So hopefully you can understand the science behind the golf swing and how the swing trainer works. If you create Centrifugal Force from good rotation, the flexible shaft will have a lot of tension in it becoming very rigid as Centrifugal Force is pulling on the clubhead, Centrifugal Force will also take care of squaring the clubface on impact if you don't try and interfere with it!!!


Good Luck ;-)