You Need To Read This!! Your Central Nervous System vs Golf Swing

You Need To Read This!! Your Central Nervous System vs Golf Swing

One of the most important things to understand about your body is that it is largely governed by the central nervous system (the “CNS”.)  The CNS is composed of your brain, the spinal cord and the nerves.  It is a lightning fast communication system that controls every aspect of your sensation and movement. The CNS is like the software for your body, and it determines how your hardware (the muscles, bones and joints) performs. The CNS gets to decide what muscles fire, how strong and fast they are, how far they will elongate, what motor patterns and postures you adopt, and whether you will experience pain – in short, everything that matters.

Another important thing to understand is that the priorities of the CNS are not necessarily yours.  The main priority of the CNS is to keep you alive at all costs.  While you might want to run a marathon, climb a mountain, play soccer all weekend, or sit at your computer for eight hours a day without pain, your CNS doesn’t really care about any of that – it just wants to protect you from physical threats and ensure your survival until you procreate.  Further, the CNS’s “beliefs” about what is a danger to survival are not always accurate – they are based on millions of years of evolution in an environment in which one of the main dangers was getting eaten by predators such as saber toothed tigers.  In this environment, a seemingly minor injury such as an ankle sprain or even a pulled groin is a very real threat to continued existence, and the CNS therefore takes it very seriously. As such, your body is hardwired with a massive overabundance of reflexive and unconscious mechanisms to protect your body from physical damage.

These mechanisms will be activated reflexively and unconsciously whenever you are doing something that the CNS (not you) believes may be dangerous Such as your golf swing!!!! Ha ha ;-)

So this makes a lot of sense for example if you are loosing balance during your golf swing or your body is moving in a way that it is not familiar with, what is the brains priority? yes!! to keep you alive as opposed to making a perfect golf swing!! It will pull out all the stops to keep you on your feet which creates tension in your body causing you to loose the fluidity of your motion. How can you expect to make a good swing if your body senses you are loosing balance?? You cant!! Think about how it feels when you hit a really good shot, perfectly balanced, no tension, effortless power, no swing thoughts and everything was so easy!

The GForce Swing Trainer will help you feel the correct coordination of the golf swing improving balance, rhythm, tempo & timing keeping your central nervous system quiet so you can get on with the swing!! ;-)