Top 10 Golf Training Aids of 2023

Top 10 Golf Training Aids of 2023

If you're a keen golfer, or someone who wants to play more golf this season, then you've probably thought about how you can improve your golf swing and golfing performance on the golf course. Whether you're striving to increase your distance, gain more clubhead speed, get better consistency, lower your scores, or even cure your slice. Like many other golfers, you might be curious about ways you can improve at golf and even considered how a golf training aid can work for you. 

The problem is there seems to be so many options, with hundreds of golf training aids and swing trainers out there claiming to fix your slice, improve your golf swing and help you lower your handicap. So how do you know which training aid you can trust, whether a golf training aid or swing trainer is useful or does the job that it claim's to do?

Thankfully there's lots of information available to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying the best training aid in golf. From golf magazines, golf websites and even verified customer reviews on legitimate websites.

GForce Golf Verified Customer Reviews

At GForce Golf you can trust customer reviews you see on our homepage because they are verified using Stamped which is an independent customer review app which collects and publishes customer reviews from real customers who have purchased our products, available to view on our homepage. Just like this example here:


GForce customer review with image of driver and 7 iron purchased. Customer states GForce is an axceptional training aid and has improved their strike distance and solid contact with the ball

Another way of finding out the best recommended golf equipment and the latest best swing training aid is golf industry magazines and independent golf forums. Golf magazines regularly test and review the latest golfing equipment and may have golf forums where golfers discuss their experience in using golf training equipment. For the most trusted golf equipment reviews, select a well known and reputable magazine brand that has authority in golf.

Golf Monthly Magazine, Names GForce Swing Trainer as 'No.1 Top Swing Trainer in Golf' 2023

We were delighted when Golf Monthly recently tested and reviewed the GForce 7 Iron Swing Trainer. 

Particularly as Golf Monthly is one of the world's leading, long established and reputable golf magazines, who put top expert Technical Editors Joel Tadman and Dan Parker to review GForce Swing Trainers.

The best news is that GForce 7 iron Swing Trainer was recognised and considered on Golf Monthly's shortlist for the 10 Best golf training aids alongside hundreds of contenders!

And then we found out that the GForce Swing Trainer was awarded as the number 1 Best Golf Training Aid of 2023 by Golf Monthly!

Why GForce 7 Iron Swing Trainer is the Best Swing Trainer of 2023?

To find out why Golf Monthly selected GForce 7 Iron Swing Trainer as the top training aid in golf watch Golf Monthly's video review 👇



In summary, after thoroughly testing the GForce Swing Trainer they loved the multiple-dimensional benefits and improvements that the GForce Swing Trainer can bring to your game.

They agreed the GForce Swing Trainer will help golfers:

  • Prevent slicing the ball
  • Improve rhythm and timing
  • Create more power in your swing
  • Improve sequencing and swing plane
  • Create more lag in your swing

Golf Monthly loved the 'whippy' feeling of GForce Super Flexible Shaft which helps to improve your clubhead awareness, sequence your golf swing and swing plane correctly and get into a better swing path which prevents slicing and hooking the ball, giving you more control and consistency. 

One of the things that they loved was how natural it felt to use the GForce Swing Trainer in comparison to other hittable swing trainers which can feel too heavy, clunky and hard to use. 

In particular they liked that the weight of the GForce Swing Trainer is the same as a regular club and that helped them to easily transfer the swing learnings from the swing trainer back to their regular golf club. Other hittable swing trainers are much heavier than GForce, which means that you have to create a totally different force to swing the club which can cause other swing issues such as poor timing. It also means that its particularly harder to transfer swing learnings back to your regular club.

When we updated our latest GForce NXT-GEN Swing Trainers we reduced the weight to closely match the weight of the latest premium golf clubs, for improved feel and performance. No other swing trainer in the world is this advanced for hitting balls with, its like a regular premium golf club fitted with a Super Flexible Shaft for feedback on your swing. 

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