Develop Efficient Swing Mechanics With GForce

I find a lot of golfers are obsessed with creating more speed with a lightning quick hip action through the ball coupled with holding onto the all important lag on the down swing, keeping the hands leading the club head for as long as possible. But it seems like this is the wrong way to do things when we take a look at the Physics books.

As a golf coach for 20 years now i have realized to look at the science rather than read and listen to somebody's opinion or swing method with nothing to back it up except a big ego. Everything that happens has science behind it so if you can understand the science behind your swing you will not be constantly struggling with your game. Battling and trying to overpower the huge forces you create during your golf swing will only force you to make compensations to connect with the ball. 

I have taken a few paragraphs from a website i have found very useful for my own understanding of the golf swing and it has been instrumental in the development of my GForce swing trainers, backing up the science behind how they really work. I would strongly recommend reading through the website at least a dozen times. It is broken down nicely so it is easy to understand and it also has the complicated stuff in there if you are really into your Math.

So lets take a look at how your swing really works!!

"In this animation we show a double pendulum composed of a large blue mass representing the arms of the golfer, and a smaller red mass representing the club head. There is also a thin string connecting the club head to the centre of rotation which in the golf swing represents your sternum"
"Initially the system rotates at a constant speed, and the string stops the club head from swinging out. No energy is put into the system for this model; the system is rotating to begin with, and continues to rotate under its own inertia. Since it is held in the same shape by the string, the moment of inertia stays the same so the speed stays the same" 

"Now watch what happens when the string is removed. As the red mass swings out (club head), the blue mass slows down (arms & body) and the red mass accelerates. When the system is fully extended (near the point where the head would hit the golf ball) the blue mass comes to a dead stop"

"For the physicist, this is the magic moment! The blue mass coming to a dead stop means that all of the kinetic energy that was in the blue mass (arms & body) has been transferred to the red mass (the club head); the swinging process is 100% efficient"

"Most importantly, there were no external forces applied to make this happen – the system rearranged itself under its own inertia. If this was a golf swing, the golfer would not have to make any effort to make it happen or square the club face"

So what we can learn here is if you are trying to hold onto Lag you would swing at a constant speed and not transfer kinetic energy from your body into the club head and so the swing would be inefficient. It would require excessive manipulation of the hands to try and put the club on the ball and a lot of force to create club head speed leading to inconsistent shot patterns. This is exactly what i find happens with most good players, they are just very good at compensating and getting away with it.

Using GForce swing trainers will help you develop better swing mechanics. The key is transferring the kinetic energy from your body through the arms and hands. This is then transferred via tension through the flexible shaft as the club and arms unfold away from the golfer’s body delivering the club head onto the ball. 

If you are not transferring the kinetic energy from the body into the shaft the ball will go to the right of target with the swing trainer. A normal shaft you can get away with it by manipulating the club head with the hands but with inconsistent results.