Garcia is Doing This..And you're told THIS MOVE IS BAD..? Hmm...🤔

Garcia is Doing This..And you're told THIS MOVE IS BAD..? Hmm...🤔

This guy shallows the club more than anyone, and you can do it too. But you need your weight, shoulders and spine in the correct position before you do the "PULL DOWN" move I have been talking about for a while now and advocated by Sergio Garcia the king of the Shallow Downswing, we need to listen to what he has to say here.

Garcia Downswing Tip Recent 2022

Garcia Downswing Tip 9 years ago

First video was recently in 2022 and the second one 2009. What I love is the message is exactly the same, as it should be, after all why should the golf swing have changed in any way over the years..? unless Physics changed which it didn't..? are we mislead? are we getting the incorrect information? are we just hearing someones opinions, preferences and ideas rather than real concepts which I talk about in all my videos and back up using Science, GForce Swing Trainers, Gears Golf VR-3D and my own feedback as a coach, pro golfer and very good striker of the golf ball.

The spine tilts as a response to the shoulders turning at a steep angle in relation to the ground. Check out my head on wall drill to help you feel this, also as your spine tilts towards the target, this causes pressure to be automatically applied into your right foot so you don't need to think about that either.

I am not a fan of pressure shift as it gets misinterpreted and everyone is shifting into the right side too much as a result (spine tilted away from target), and not getting back to the left in time, so, its much easier to stay left and drop the left shoulder down and lean / fall into the target like I talk about in my videos.

Your pressure automatically shifts into your right foot as your let your upper body (mass/weight) fall to the target. You also turn going back much easier this way with minimum stress on the body. Your weight moves towards the target on the backswing (upper body) its just not measurable because it is suspended in mid air, this counterbalance effect automatically applies pressure in your back foot and makes turning your hips and shoulders so much easier.

Imagine a tall building and we need to take it down in a controlled demolition, we blow it out from the bottom and it starts to tilt and fall (to the target) its the same concept. The building applies pressure into the ground still as it is falling in the opposite direction to the pressure (to the target) most of the buildings weight suspended / falling in mid air (Not Measurable) is moving towards the target in the opposite direction to the pressure it is applying into the ground.

The same thing happens in the golf swing. You don't need to put pressure into your right foot if you let your upper body fall to the target, it happens automatically.

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