Golf Insider Review of GForce Golf Training Aids

Golf Insider Review of GForce Golf Training Aids

We're delighted that Golf Insider - reviewed and featured the GForce Golf Swing Trainer in June 2022.  Golf Insider is an independent golf equipment publication, with reviews by golf experts.

Here's a summary of the Golf Insider review of GForce Swing Trainers: 

"GForce can be helpful for the average player who tends to start a takeaway too quickly. Our favourite part of the tool is the fact that you can hit real golf balls with it on the golf course."

"GForce almost forces you to have success on the golf course as well as the driving range."  

Golf Insider agreed that GForce 7 iron Swing Trainer is a good investment for golfers and GForce swing trainers will improve tempo and rhythm, swing path, ball striking, takeaway, transition and will develop more distance in your shots.

Golf Insider recommend GForce Swing Trainers as a practice tool and ideal to warm up with before a golf round at the range or golf course.

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