GOLF MONTHLY– GForce 7 Iron Swing Trainer Review

Golf Monthly Equipment Tester pictured with GForce 7 Iron for his review.  The GForce achieved 5 stars

I’m delighted to share news that the experts at Golf Monthly (global golf publication), recently reviewed the 2022, updated GFORCE 7 Iron Swing Trainer and the verdict was outstanding!!!

Golf Monthly’s Editor and golf equipment tester Mark Townsend described the GForce swing trainer is an “impressive” swing trainer that will help all levels of golfers improve all ‘facets’ of their golf swing, including swing path, sequencing, transition, consistency, ball striking and speed.

Golfers will benefit from 'immediate feedback' from the GForce flexible shaft which helps to improve the quality of making a golf shot.

They loved the quality of the GForce 7 Iron and prefer the newer updated version which is USGA approved and now ‘perfectly weighted.’ They described how well the GForce club performs; giving the same results in ball flight and distance as their regular 7 iron and described the GForce as being the ‘perfect warm up aid’ that they would even consider using it to play with on the golf course!

Read the Full Golf Monthly Review  Here  

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