Why holding lag is bad!

Most golfers are trying to speed up the club with the hands and arms, this is the biggest fault on the planet for every standard of golfer from beginner to tour players. Beginners and average golfers always chicken wing because of trying to create speed from the arms causing the arms to separate from the body AKA Chicken Wing, tour players don’t chicken wing but instead end up getting their hands accelerating so far past the ball because of trying to hold angles & create more lag, but this causes a last minute flip compensation with inconsistent results. We call these players manipulators! Most are very good manipulators like most players on tour but that is why their games can change so quickly from good to bad. They have to rely on very good hand and eye coordination and timing.

Imagine if you didn’t have to manipulate in any way during your swing or rely on good hand and eye coordination?  Would this be possible to achieve? Yes absolutely! now imagine your potential!


Look at great golfers they have beautiful rhythm & tempo this is what allows them to swing without any effort but they still hit the ball miles because the generate so much speed!! How do they do this?? Its all about sequencing, arranging the body parts to move in a particular order. This allows the golfer to transfer energy efficiently from the rotation of the body down the arms into the shaft eventually ending up in the club head creating effortless speed!!


Most golfers never transfer the energy into the club head. Why? Because of trying to speed the club up with the hands & arms. This gives the golfers swing an appearance of a forced, fast unbalanced hitting action with no ball flight control, poor striking and loss of speed. It is also the most common cause of the Chicken Wing because the arms over accelerate and out race the body becoming disconnected, and swinging Over The Top is again down to accelerating the arms too quickly causing them to swing out in front of the golfers body because the body is in the way forcing an out to in swing.



Stop trying to hold onto lag!! Let it go for more speed and club face control!! Holding on only prevents the energy transferring from the body rotation into the club. Allowing the wrist to unhinge naturally allows the club head to square up and speed up! The blue circle represents the hands and the red circle the club head. Look how the blue circle slows down when the string breaks and the red circle starts to speed up, this is how the swing works pure physics & mechanics in motion! If the blue circle didn't slow down the red circle would never speed up. Most players are accelerating the hands too much which decelerates the club head!



Now here is where the GForce swing trainer helps, you will have loaded the shaft in the transition so there is plenty of energy stored up ready to unleash onto the ball. So let me take you through two scenarios most are trying to do A but you need to to B.


A) Hold the angle, because you want to compress and get more lag right? Doing it this way means your hands and arms are accelerating the grip too much. More importantly the shaft cannot unload because you are moving the grip too fast causing the shaft to stay loaded and the club head to decelerate. Result with the swing trainer = open face fore right!!!!!!


B) Let it go? As you make your transition with the shaft loaded up. Allow your wrists to unhinge naturally, this is a sign that the energy from the rotation of the body has transferred into the club making its way down the shaft into the club head. As the shaft unloads the club face accelerates and squares up. Perfect swing mechanics and straight ball flight!


At GForce we are committed to educating our followers to understand how the golf swing works by providing you with the best instruction and training aids. We defy the over complicated coaching methods and unproven theories by anchoring our coaching and range of golf swing trainers on the fundamentals of science allowing learning curves to be slashed in comparison to modern training aids and teaching methods. Our Coaching and products are based on the laws of physics & mechanics.