New GFORCE NXT-GEN and Virtual Reality VR-3D Training in 2022

New GFORCE NXT-GEN and Virtual Reality VR-3D Training in 2022

Coming Soon & New For 2022 - GFORCE NXT-GEN Swing Trainers & Virtual Reality 3D Golf Training!

I'm leaving the real world and going full into the 3D virtual reality world to bring you something refreshing in the golf industry for 2022. There is a new universe gaining momentum and I am one of the first to ride the new wave of virtual reality golf instruction with my new VR-3D LAB by Gears Golf in early 2022.

An idea I had in my head for a few years now has come true, I wanted to create a virtual world for me to go into and show off the GForce Swing Trainers unique “Super Flexible” shaft in action, and analyse the golf swing in un-seen VR-3D detail, so you can better understand the concept and benefits behind the unique flexible shaft and the golf swing to get much faster results with the best modern up to date tools and training right here for 2022.

Bringing you simpler, effective golf instruction and drills that work perfectly with the GFORCE NXT-GEN Swing Trainers, with their new improved lighter shaft for 2022. Over the years since launching GForce Swing Trainers at the 2016 London Golf Show, my goal was to reduce the weight of the GForce shaft to that of a standard weight shaft, for easy calibration back to a regular golf club, it is now the best and lightest version you can get on the market by a long way and still maintaining the exact same super flex as the previous models for valuable swing feedback. 

The "Super Flexible" shaft has many benefits for improving your golf swing with the feedback you get from the ball flight because you can hit balls and the feedback from the super flexible shaft, eliminating destructive swing thoughts and turning them into feelings, so you can quickly adapt your swing improving Tempo, Rhythm, Transition, Swing Path, Release, Sequencing and along with the addition of the new new lighter shaft for 2022 putting all of these elements together is drastically increasing club head speed. 

Loading and Unloading

The Super Flexible shaft exaggerates the loading of the shaft in transition and unloading on impact increasing speed, when the shaft is loading at the top of the swing you can wait and feel it, like loading a bow before firing the arrow giving you time to perfectly time the transition which improves your down swing sequence drastically increasing club head speed.

You can see me here in VR-3D testing the new NXT-GEN 7 Iron, watch how the shaft bends on the takeaway and in transition, starting the down swing happens when the shaft is fully loaded at the top, watch how the weight of the head loads the shaft before starting the down swing. This perfectly timed transition is impossible to teach a player and can only be felt by the player using the GForce Swing Trainers for instant feedback. 

"You Can't Teach A Player Feel But GForce Swing Trainers Can" Stuart Small Founder, Inventor and PGA Coach. 

Interestingly apart from those points mentioned it looks pretty much like a normal shaft for the rest of the swing. Transition you can see the shaft loading and down towards impact you can see the shaft unloading, where the shaft kicks forward releasing all the energy into the ball, a result from the correct down swing sequence.  

The new GFORCE NXT-GEN available early 2022 now feature a lighter shaft helping you to develop more speed in your golf swing, the 7 iron, Wedge and putter now feature new USGA grooves conforming to the rules of golf, so you get the feel and performance of any premium brand golf club for practice or play. 

A Revolution in Golf Training - The Most Accurate 3D Online Golf Analysis & Training In The World.

I have recently invested heavily in the future of my golf company GForce Golf to bring you the new GFORCE VR-3D LAB by Gears Golf, for me its a no brainer and a game changer in golf training and product development by installing Gears Golf 3D Optical Motion Capture Technology. Not only are you investing in a golf swing trainer but you are helping to fund the future of accurate transparent golf instruction, with profits going back into the company to bring you the best training and tools to accelerate your learning and bring out the best performance in you and every other golfer.

This is an absolute must in golf instruction to be able to show you the swing and how body movements impact the club which impacts the ball, and provide accurate tested solutions to fix your swing and how to model the ultimate swing and play your best golf. Here I am with my motion capture suit on ready to go into the new fun and educational virtual reality environment. 

Last month, all the way from Oregon, USA, Michael Neff, Director of Gears Sports installed my new Gears Golf system, the most accurate 3D motion capture and diagnostic system in the world, so I can provide you with the most in-depth analysis of the golf swing, golf shafts and golf equipment ever seen, and make it super simple to understand.

I will make it faster and easier for you to play better golf by putting together a golf training system using Gears Technology and using the new NXT-GEN 2022 GFORCE Swing Trainers.

Gears Golf has the most sophisticated 3D VIRTUAL REALITY technology in golf right now that takes incredibly accurate measurements of a golfer’s swing, body, club position throughout the swing. This enables me to demonstrate and breakdown step by step the hidden movements from a complete beginner V's a tour pro and diagnose what techniques and drills are a must to develop to get you striking the ball solid and playing better golf whatever you level, beginner to tour pro..!

Don't worry, I will put this information across to you in a non-technical simple step by step format for every level of golfer, using the best feedback tools in the world that you can actually hit balls with, the NEW GFORCE NXT-GEN 2022 Swing Trainers the lightest and fastest in the world. 

Technobabble Is Strictly Banned Here at GForce Golf :-)

Making Golf Simpler, Faster & Easier For All

At GForce Golf my aim is to make golf simpler, quicker and easier for you to learn and implement by providing you with proven training and techniques backed up by accurate data and the tools, AKA NXT-GEN GFORCE Swing Trainers and the new GFORCE VR-3D LAB by Gears Golf to help you easily understand the golf swing and how to make consistently great swings with correct swing mechanics, from driving, mid game, pitching, chipping and putting with our range of swing trainers, now you can learn to be your own golf coach with the tools and training you need right here at GForce Golf. 

What Makes Gears Golf so Accurate & Useful?

Measurements, not estimates!

Most of the training and systems seen today rely on low resolution approximations of swing data, with estimates filling in the gaps. Gears provides hard data, actually measuring the entire swing as it unfolds with precision accuracy of the body and club throughout the swing with a full 360 degrees capture from every angle. 

Gears uses 8 high speed Optitrac cameras and analyses over 600 images per swing, in less than a second, offering more data about the Golf Swing, Golf Club and the Golf Shaft which no other system measures with more accuracy. That is why I invested in Gears Golf for my product development and accurate golf swing data taken from 1000’s of golfers.

Here I am being tracked in a Motion Capture suit having my golf swing analysed by director of Gears Golf Michael Neff, and compared side by side to one of the many tour pro's swings that have been captured by GEARS. In this case, its Ricky Fowler.

Now you can learn what nobody else knows and teaches with the ability to see the golf swing like never before with Gears Sports 3D Motion Capture and Bio Feedback, this is a software package developed by Michael Neff and GEARS biomechanical experts that actually tells me what was wrong with my swing and how to fix it and what to work on.

It’s basically (AI) Artificial Intelligence for the golf swing backed up by real data from 1000's of pros and amateur golf swings, it’s the best golf coach you could dream for, so it’s no longer guess work, someones opinions on the golf swing or ideas but actual real data taken from 1000's of swings captured with Gears over the years.

You won't find more accurate information than this anywhere on the planet put across in a new refreshing fun environment for all the family to learn and enjoy getting better at golf. 

My vision for GForce Golf has always been to provide the highest quality and performance golf training aids that you can hit balls with, along with simple step-by-step easy to understand golf instruction on how to use them, and PGA support to help golfers of all abilities to easily learn and play better golf quickly. 

Coming Soon - 

Over the next few months, I will use the Gears Golf system with the NXT-GEN GForce Swing Trainers to provide the best training content yet, helping you understand what is going on in the swing, pinpoint drills to correct certain issues and release an easy training system so you can learn to develop a consistent powerful golf swing on your own with the tools and training right here at GForce Golf. 

"MAY THE GFORCE BE WITH YOU" TRUSTED ON PGA TOUR, Don't Settle For Anything Heavier Than A GFORCE...