Over the Top & Chicken Wing Fix

Over the Top & Chicken Wing Fix

Get rid of your Chicken Wing with the correct sequencing!! Ever wondered why you cant stop chicken winging and coming over the top? Poor sequencing results in over the top and Chicken Wing!!

The characteristics of a great golf swing are tempo, rhythm & sequencing all of which are difficult to teach a student because it is something only you can feel! Never before has there been a training aid on the market to help you feel when the swing is right and see the results by the direction of the ball flight!

GForce swing trainers have multiple uses helping you firstly develop a better swing tempo with the aid of the flexible shaft. Research proves tour players have a 3:1 tempo, with the back swing taking three times longer than the downswing. Your tempo can be fast or slow just work on 3:1 with the GForce Swing Trainer and you will find your natural tempo in no time!!

Just like with music tempo gives you rhythm this is what makes your swing look smooth and flowing. You cant have Rhythm without Tempo!!

And finally sequencing this is what every single tour players does on the inside with perfection and this is what you need to master!! Sequencing is the transferring of energy from one body part to another also called the kinematic sequence, it goes in this order ground, legs, torso, arms, hands and finally club head. This is how you create effortless club head speed and club face control.

If your kinematic sequencing is out with the GForce Swing Trainers you will hit shots to the right of target or out of the toe because generally most amateur golfers and a lot of professionals try to speed up the club with the arms causing the shaft to stay loaded on impact resulting in an open face, amateurs chicken wing and good players compensate by flipping the wrists.

With the correct sequencing the arms and hands should slow down towards impact as the energy transfers into the club head speeding it up and unloading the flexible shaft like a catapult and squaring the club face!!

In sequence as the hips and torso rotate out of the way and slow down, then the arms  speed up and as the arms and hands slow down the club head speeds up. As one part slows down the next part speeds up and so on. That’s how sequencing in the golf swing works!! Get it right and you are on your way to great golf!!

Imaging driving a car a 70mph and then slamming the breaks on all the energy is then transferred into your body propelling you forward. We are trying to do a similar thing in the golf swing to transfer the energy from the body into the club head so it can speed up!!

GForce Swing Trainers help you feel when the swing is right!! Its much easier to learn a feeling and seeing the ball flight rather than overthinking the swing positions.

Try hitting some shots stopping your arms just after impact and you will hit the ball solid and straight because the club head accelerated and released, although you are stopping your arms the club will carry on just like the car breaking analogy. Most of you wont be able to stop your arms to begin with because you are used to moving them too fast but keep trying until you get it!