Part 1 of 2 | Speed, Wrists, Lag, Whip, Slingshot...

Part 1 of 2 | Speed, Wrists, Lag, Whip, Slingshot...

You need lots of speed to be able to drive the ball well, in this video I will show you how to do this. You need rhythm and tempo but to get that you need the "Free Degrees of Motion" I keep talking about in all the new VR-3D videos, also you need to keep the wrists completely free to hinge so they can fully cock and un-cock, this helps transfer the energy built up in your swing from ground to body to golf club, if you are tense or lock any part of your swing then you break the Kinetic Chain / Muscular Chain (Transfer of Energy) This will cause compensations in your swing to make up for the breakdown in the energy transfer chain :-(

Keep your body free of tension and try not to lock up, because this will create issues in your swings fluidity causing you to yank the club around, forcing the club through and getting too aggressive and rushed in transition, even before your backswing has had time to finish..!

When you are ready and understand the importance of my first couple of paragraphs, drag and lag the club on the takeaway (Reverse Lag) because you can get a better feel of the wrists cocking and loading on the backswing, and a nice smooth rhythm and tempo.

This creates a smooth fluid backswing motion keeping the tension out of the body and wrist. Make smooth changes in direction back and through with the feeling of keeping the shaft rigid, gradually building up speed in the downswing transition, don't rush it.

Don't apply the power until you have transitioned correctly, you will then be able to get a sense and feel of whipping the club through at the right time increasing its speed. If you don't swing the GForce Driver correctly you will feel excessive Jerking, Bending, Flexing, Overloading and a obvious feeling of being unbalanced throughout the swing.

At the top of the backswing the shaft loads up before you start down, make sure your weight is forward (left / target side) wrists loaded, shaft loaded and with a slight pause at the top as this is going on, before we start down.

When you transition and start down keep your back to the target as long a physically possible and pull the club down allowing your body to instinctively respond to the swinging and momentum of the club. If you pull on the club it will prevent you from casting / releasing the club too early which stalls your hip rotation which is the biggest problem for most golfers (Ice skater twirl analogy)

Only then you can quickly get a sense and feel of when to time and whip the club through, this creates a slingshot action propelling the club through with maximum efficiency so you can maximize your driver swing speed without the effort.

Some key 🗝️ references that have helped me over the past 20 years to put this video together in the simplest possible way, you should go and check out their work :-)

Chris Riddoch - Sports science professor and coach

Gabriele Wulf - Professor in the Department of Kinesiology

Rob Gray - Professor of Human Systems Engineering

Michael Neff - Director of Gears Golf 3D Motion Capture

Pete Cowen - PGA Tour Coach

Shaun Clement - Wisdom in Golf

Chuck Quinton - Rotary Swing Golf

Ernst Jones - Swing The Clubhead

Good Luck 🍀 Stuart


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