How To Quickly Develop (Strike, Rhythm & Tempo) Part 1 of 6

How To Quickly Develop (Strike, Rhythm & Tempo) Part 1 of 6

Your "Central Nervous System" AKA your BRAIN can quickly learn how to swing the club for you, if you let it..! Learn how to let your body naturally respond to the SWINGING MOTION of the club & let it do its self correcting magic for you automatically...

Striking the golf ball solid out the center of the clubface is the most important part, without solid centered contact you will never improve your golf, because it will have a negative effect on distance, direction and distance control. Just like if you want to be good at Tennis, you need to hit the center of the racket for the best consistent results and to hit the ball with effortless speed in the direction you want it to go.

In this video, I talk about the importance of "Free Degrees of Motion" and how this will improve your golf swing Rhythm and Tempo and allow you to consistently strike the ball solid out the middle of the clubface over and over.

1) To develop your free degrees of motion, just relax and stay free of any tension, loosen up and shake up before you swing the golf club and waggle the club to keep your wrists nice and free. This also helps fire the Kinetic Chain which is the transfer of energy from ground, to body, to golf club. If you break the Kinetic Chain by locking, reducing movement, tension, too many internal swing thoughts, you will make compensating movements to connect with the ball with poor inconsistent results.

2) Firstly move the grip end of the club away first to create some takeaway / reverse lag, where the head of the golf club lags behind your hands, and keep your wrists passive (free like a door hinge) your wrists will cock naturally from the momentum of the golf club swinging back freely, this is also the key to creating and maintaining lag on the downswing because you can better feel the movement through the freedom in the wrists, so you can whip the club through with speed and less effort at the right time.

3) With the GForce Swing Trainers "Super Flexible Shaft" focus on smooth changes in direction back and through, which will improve your rhythm and tempo. Make sure your not aggressive or rushed and don't bend the shaft too much going back and and through, if you do you wont be able to connect with the golf ball out the middle of the clubface. Try and get the feeling of keeping the shaft rigid for a smooth takeaway, transition and timing in your golf swing, and feel the weight of the clubhead swinging back and through freely uninterrupted.

4) These simple steps will quickly improve you strike which is the contact between the golf ball and clubface centre (sweetspot) which is the most important part to play great golf. You need to focus on hitting the ball out of the centre of the clubface for the best results.

Single hand swings are great so you can feel the weight of the club head swinging and passively (doing nothing) cocking / loading the wrists (Backswing) and unloading (Downswing), which is very important, it helps create some fluidity on your golf swing and a sense of where the release happens so you can whip the club through and apply the force at the right time for best results.


Some key 🗝️ references that have helped me over the past 20 years to put this video together in the simplest possible way, you should go and check out their work :-)

Chris Riddoch - Sports science professor and coach

Gabriele Wulf - Professor in the Department of Kinesiology

Rob Gray - Professor of Human Systems Engineering

Michael Neff - Director of Gears Golf 3D Motion Capture

Pete Cowen - PGA Tour Coach

Shaun Clement - Wisdom in Golf

Chuck Quinton - Rotary Swing Golf

Good Luck 🍀



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