Part 2 of 2 | How To Perfect Distance Control

Part 2 of 2 | How To Perfect Distance Control

Now you can strike the ball properly and consistently, you can now focus on the speed of your swing to control distances. From short chips to full flat out golf swings improve your transition, sequencing, rhythm, tempo and with zero swing thoughts. The GForce Wedge soon lets you know if you are manipulating and steering the golf club resulting in poor strikes, direction issues, poor distance control because you get instant feedback through the flexible shaft and the ball flight.

The key is to tap into the momentum of the club head when it is swinging, that is why I talk a lot about the Free Degrees of Motion which helps you get more awareness of the club head. You can quickly learn to swing more efficiently with consistent distance control and ball trajectory, so you can then put your focus on planning the shot out and visualizing where you want to land the ball and how it plays out.

The GForce Wedge and the training videos will help you develop a better all round short game, you can feel the shaft load and unload correctly improving rhythm and tempo which are key to your short game, that's where the GForce Wedge comes in handy to help you self correct because you get feedback from the ball flight and the feeling through the flexible shaft.

The latest wedge is now USGA conforming to the rules of golf, with its CNC micro milled face, brushed steel finish and performance and feel of any top brand wedge on the market.

Some key 🗝️ references that have helped me over the past 20 years to put this video together in the simplest possible way, you should go and check out their work :-)

Chris Riddoch - Sports science professor and coach

Gabriele Wulf - Professor in the Department of Kinesiology

Rob Gray - Professor of Human Systems Engineering

Michael Neff - Director of Gears Golf 3D Motion Capture

Pete Cowen - PGA Tour Coach

Shaun Clement - Wisdom in Golf

Chuck Quinton - Rotary Swing Golf

Ernst Jones - Swing The Clubhead

Good Luck 🍀 Stuart


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