Part 2 of 2 | Planning & Prediction to hole more putts...

Part 2 of 2 | Planning & Prediction to hole more putts...

Having a clear plan, visualizing and predicting what the ball will do is one of the keys to holing more putts. If you cant see the ball going into the hole or predict what is going on around you with the conditions, weather, speed of green, slopes, you will struggle to improve your putting, especially if you are still focusing too much on mechanics and technique, go and check out my other video on putting part 1 of 2 to get started.

You need a plan, and in this video I will take you through the plan so you can start holing more putts. Also you need the "Free Degrees of Motion" that I keep talking about in every one of my latest VR-3D videos.

Your hands are the only point of contact with the putter, you need to relax and be at one with the weight of the putter head, then let your brain do the complicated mechanical calculations for you, so you can focus on seeing the ball dropping into the hole.

The GForce putter will also help you with your putting arc / swing path. It has a unique guide (13 degree arc) to help you get some consistency in that area, you will quickly see if you open the face or close it so you can learn to keep the putter face square to the arc by visually learning and self correcting, with its unique arc indicator head design.

Some key 🗝️ references that have helped me over the past 20 years to put this video together in the simplest possible way, you should go and check out their work :-)

Chris Riddoch - Sports science professor and coach

Gabriele Wulf - Professor in the Department of Kinesiology

Rob Gray - Professor of Human Systems Engineering

Michael Neff - Director of Gears Golf 3D Motion Capture

Pete Cowen - PGA Tour Coach

Shaun Clement - Wisdom in Golf

Chuck Quinton - Rotary Swing Golf

Ernst Jones - Swing The Clubhead

Good Luck 🍀 Stuart


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