Part 4 of 6 - HELP...Why Am I hitting to the RIGHT..? (Reasons Why)

Part 4 of 6 -  HELP...Why Am I hitting to the RIGHT..? (Reasons Why)

Have you ever heard of shaft "DROOP" its one of the key feedback features of the GForce Swing Trainers "Super Flexible" Shaft. If you get too much droop then you are swinging over the top and I will show you how to fix this so you can hit the swing trainer straight and transfer the same feelings back over to your regular 7 iron.

There are a few other reasons why you will miss to the right, such as aggressive / rushed transition, where you are coming down before the backswing has even finished.

Here is the best analogy, Have you ever pushed a kid on a swing too soon before the swing changed direction? The chains on the swing quickly loose their tension throwing the poor kid around uncontrollably, same happens with the GForce Swing Trainer.

You need to make a smooth change in direction then apply the power at the right time gradually.

Sergio Garcia Downswing Tip

Some key ๐Ÿ—๏ธ references that have helped me over the past 20 years to put this video together in the simplest possible way, you should go and check out their work :-)

Chris Riddoch - Sports science professor and coach

Gabriele Wulf - Professor in the Department of Kinesiology

Rob Gray - Professor of Human Systems Engineering

Michael Neff - Director of Gears Golf 3D Motion Capture

Pete Cowen - PGA Tour Coach

Shaun Clement - Wisdom in Golf

Chuck Quinton - Rotary Swing Golf

Ernst Jones - Swing The Clubhead

Good Luck ๐Ÿ€ Stuart


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