Speed is King - Work for It!! You can't buy it!!

Speed is King - Work for It!! You can't buy it!!

GForce Swing Trainers are designed by founder & PGA coach Stuart Small, i developed them with one thing in mind to help golfers generate more club head speed through proper sequencing. As a coach and manufacturer of golf equipment i would be lying if i said you can hit the ball further with my clubs without any changes to your swing technique and ball striking. It seems like today's manufacturers claim that you can swing the same but get more speed and accuracy without doing anything different? but ultimately you need to hit the center of the clubface consistently to get results which most golfers can not do. So you need to address your technique first if you want to get more speed!! 

Speed in the golf swing is king, if you can develop speed first then everything else is easy. The faster the club head is moving with minimum effort shows the mechanics and kinematic sequencing are working together. 

This is the order for developing a good swing

1) Speed – Understanding Mechanics & Sequencing
2) Contact – Centred Strike
3) Direction – Club Face Control

A faster moving object is more stable than a slow moving object, so if you can get the club head to travel fast and freely without interruption it's easier to guide the club head onto the ball, rather than trying to manipulate, shove, force the club in an attempt to put it on the ball to make contact which decelerates the club head. This is typically what the average golf does every day!

So how do you generate speed??

Imagine twirling a ball around on a piece of string, by rotating and pulling on the string the ball speeds up and its path becomes very predictable. As the ball goes down you pull up on the string and as the ball goes up you pull down on the string which keeps the tension in the string and the ball accelerating. The string has tension through it from the 2 forces at work Centripetal (towards the centre of rotation “Body”) & Centrifugal (Away from the centre of rotation “Club Head”) It takes very little energy from you to accelerate the ball and this is how an elite golfers swing works and everybody is capable of doing this. Now imagine yanking the string around (Pushing on the string/grip) the ball is unpredictable and the string loses tension this is how mid – high handicappers swing. 

The GForce Shaft works just like the string so you need to understand how to activate the shaft correctly by creating tension through it. If you don't then the result will be a poor strike lacking in distance and a feeling of no control throughout the swing. 

When you activate the shaft through proper swing mechanics and sequencing, the ball will travel further with an improved strike. All of the GForce clubs are designed with standard weight heads, the only difference is the shaft. If anything gains in speed and distance will be made with continued use and correct training.

To gain more Speed the important part is SEQUENCING the downswing. In order to maximise your club head speed the rotational energy should transfer from one body part to the next Feet, Legs, Hips, Torso, Arms, Hands, Shaft and finally club head.....Like a chain reaction the energy transfers through each link causing the previous link to decelerate as the next link speeds up, this is called the kinematic sequence. Every elite golfers swings are unique but on the inside they have the same kinematic sequencing. When the sequencing is out a manipulation is required to make up for the miss fire which leads to a poor shot. So when you hit a poor shot don't think you need a swing rebuild! it's just a miss fire and the GForce Swing Trainers are the best tools out there to help you detect this and self correct the problem.

To start the downswing the lower body goes first with the arms and club trailing behind the body like a discus thrower, they use the same rotational energy as the golf swing. They use the ground and go from a low starting position rotating and extending their body as they release the discus. It's the same kinematic sequence as the golf swing and when you look closely at elite golfers they squat down and extend up coming through.. extending and pulling the handle to speed up the club head...

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” think back to the ball and string analogy now imaging the ball is the club head. As you rotate back and swing the club up you are pulling down with your body and as you rotate through and the club head is swinging down you are pulling up with your body. You are now not in control of the club head as Centripetal & Centrifugal force is in control sending the club head at speed on a predictable collision course with the golf ball.

A big part of developing your swing with the GForce Swing Trainer driver is to initially use it without hitting balls. The reason being you are more likely to develop a proper swinging motion because you don't have the ball to distract you leading to a destructive hitting action. Also it is difficult to find time to practice so it's the perfect tool to use at home to develop your sequencing, rhythm and tempo. The more swings you can make with it the better the sequencing will develop preventing misfires, when it is wrong you can feel it instantly through the shaft.  Spend time every day so its like doing a golf swing workout getting your body used to the feel of the swing, the better you get the faster the club head travels with minimum effort which is the end goal and your no.1 priority.

A lot of people always ask about instructions on how to use it but from my background as a PGA coach and professional golfer you need a simple understanding of how your swing works firstly and then the swing trainers helps you develop the correct feels. Understanding the swing is easy and there are plenty of videos on my YouTube channel

Basically you want to feel like your swing is smooth and fast with minimum effort. If any of the components of the swing are out of sequence you will get immediate feedback from the club. It is a case of allowing your central nervous system to figure out the difference between a good and bad swing. Allow your body to adjust to get it right and don't get in the way of your central nervous system because you will fail. Elite golfers don't let their thoughts interrupt and interfere because that is what creates a short circuit in the golf swing.

The main reason why I developed the clubs was to help stop golfers from overthinking. I know tempo and rhythm play a key role in the golf swing and its basic use really helps with this. Once tempo and rhythm are mastered its the sequencing that is the icing on the cake!! Good luck....;-) Stuart