The Only 2 Reasons Why You Will Miss To The Right With This Club...

Attached are some good references for you to help understand some types of shots you will hit with the GForce Golf Swing Trainers and how to correct them, so to easily and quickly transfer the correct feelings over to your normal clubs for faster rates improvement.

New VR-3D training videos out early 2022 so follow my Youtube channel for the latest updates where I will be showing you the GForce Super Flexible shaft in 3D never seen before..! and how it exposes your golf swing flaws and how to correct them on your own using GForce Swing Trainers, giving you instant feedback from the Super Flexible shaft and the ball flight because you can hit balls with them flat out.
1) I did a video HERE explaining the shaft droop a while back and how that causes the face to open with this golf swing trainer exposing a steep out to in swing paths. The steeper the swing the more droop you create in the shaft opening the face, resulting in the ball shooting off to the right of the target. You can check it out here, just fast forward to 10 mins where I get to the point.
If you shallow the downswing correctly through a good transition and swing it on plane the shaft does not droop as much and the face stays square so you can hit it straight. I did a good video on how to make the transition move to shallow your down swing correctly HERE
2) The second reason why you will hit to the right with the flexible shaft golf swing trainers is if you are accelerating your arms too long or forcing them through. This prevents the flexible shaft from unloading keeping the club face open, at some point your arms need to decelerate so the club head can release and accelerate (Kinematic Sequence) this unloads the flexible shaft squaring the face, as well as speeding the club head up.
Here is a video on flexible golf shaft Loading and Unloading concept which Pete Cowen explained to me back in 2016 when my first model came out, he is a big fan of the clubs and uses them with all his players, happy to answer any questions :-)
faults and fixes section HERE
If you have any questions or need some help using the clubs, please get in touch with me at and I will reply to you personally :-)
Stuart Small PGA
GForce Golf