The Release Using The GForce Swing Trainer

Here is the final step of the golf swing called the Release, this is responsible for squaring the clubface and transferring maximum energy into the club head increasing club head speed. If you want to see the Release in accurate VR-3D, here is another video link below which includes 3D analysis of Rory McIlroys Release as a model to follow, an excellent guide for you to understand the mechanics of the Release and how to best execute it.

Here is a video of me in virtual reality using the new NXT-GEN 7 iron taken recently in December 2021 using Gears Golf VR-3D motion capture, the most accurate technology for analysing the golf swing and for product development at GForce Golf, watch the shaft in Release / Impact unloading, GForce Swing Trainers are a great training aid to help you with the Release.

I will be using Gears Golf to provide you with the future of accurate golf instruction with my simple approach to the golf swing using the GForce Swing Trainers, so you can learn to be your own golf coach with the tools and training at GForce Golf. Please check out the Set Up Essentials PLAYLIST guide below, much needed information before you even start your swing.