GForce swing trainer mid sized golf grip
GForce driver shaft fitting instructions


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  • Trim to Desired Length
  • USGA conforming
  • Midsize grip
  • Includes Training Series
  • Worldwide Shipping

The GForce Driver Shaft develops explosive speed training for golfers who want to hit the ball longer and straighter than ever before. The Super Flexible Shaft helps you to find perfect Tempo & Rhythm and feel maximum energy transfer from the correct loading & unloading of the shaft for longer more accurate drives.

"the strongest most flexible golf shaft in the world, trusted on PGA tour since 2016"

Quickly detect swing flaws and iron them out eliminating destructive swing thoughts and turn them into feelings. The Dynamic Driver Shaft is easily adapted to fit your own driver head so you can hit balls and customizable to you desired shaft length (Adapter sleeve not included, 0.335 Adapter Sleeve Required)

Comes with training series.

Watch the Fitting Guide Here..!

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The secret to the golf swing...

Do you notice how the best players have perfect Rhythm, Tempo & Timing everytime, and they transition from backswing to downswing seamlessly without a forced or jerky action. They swing with elegance, super smooth and effortless with huge clubhead speed.

Now you can work on these key traits using the GForce Driver Shaft Swing Trainer.

The Super Flexible Shaft forces you to smooth out and slow down your transition from backswing to downswing allowing the clubhead to catch up and make the perfect strike and release every time, so you can then transfer those exact same feels back over to your regular driver.

Here's the solution...

The GForce Driver Shaft is designed to train better Strike, Rhythm, Tempo, Transition, Timing & Release.

Fit any adapter sleeve to it (required size 0.335 not included) so you can train with your playing driver, and its USGA conforming to the rules of golf, so you can carry it in your bag and use it on the course as well as the practice tee.

Check out the fitting guide HERE & trimming guide in the product images.


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gforce super flexible golf shaft
trusted on pga tour by players and coaches including Pete cowen and rory mcilroy...

10 reasons why you need a GForce Driver Shaft

  1. Gives Instant feedback from ball flight & shaft.
  2. Perfects the transition & release.
  3. Feel the correct shaft loading & unloading.
  4. Eliminates destructive swing thoughts.
  5. Strike the ball solid with more precision.
  6. Stops you coming over the top.
  7. Forces you to swing on plane.
  8. USGA conforming to the rules of golf.
  9. Comes with training system and PGA support.
  10. Trusted & used on the PGA tour.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t absolutely love it, just send it back, and we’ll give you a full refund...There is zero risk on your part! Check out the terms in the link below and contact us with any questions.